(architecture reference)

[john's been telling me to look at this since september]

"We created a building consisting of two parts: one, a monolithic roof that creates a large public forecourt transforming two existing trees into architectural elements; two, a screen-like wall system built out of engineered bamboo that modulates light into the chapel."

“It’s really more of a pavilion than a building,” Stan Allen says. “There’s no HVAC system, there’s no glass. It’s not separated from the environment, and the wind blows right through. It was an opportunity to make a very elemental piece of architecture—it’s just about the space, the structure, and the light.”


nyanziza said...

I wonder two things:

a.) the edge conditions of this particular site and,

b.) what it looks like 'post-photoshoot'.

AH said...

the edge conditions would definitely be key to understanding how the building works post-photos. I think the pavement in front is part of the sidewalk in an otherwise mostly residential neighborhood...but I've never been to the site myself.