-- meeting 4 feb

-- thesis prep doc reads in a sense like a blog.  amplify the "tag cloud" aspect on the left edge of the page for more effective organization.
-- bracketed urbanism --> extremism.
-- last stage of city fragmentation: see Guy Debord's Naked City (only the enclaves are left.  the in-between is completely erased.)
-- examine the in-between white zones.  I have problematized the interior zones, but what is "outside" of the bracketed spaces in Las Vegas?  what is the actual environment of the everyday, in the generic grid?
-- document the actual elements of border-creation.  catalog the fences, walls, etc.--the way that segregation is implemented in the city.
-- servant vs served.  the simultaneity of front and backstage in the city, how they coexist.  
-- adding more about the backstage and opportunities for continuity: see DeCerteau's Practice of Everyday Life (which he claims is the Practice of Performance)
-- mapping consciousness (Gill's diagram): could be my overriding organizational diagram.  chart where examples fall, where my arguments/diagrams fall

week 1 project:  site mappings/analysis
-- map the different scales of experience of the city (the tourist who flies in vs the resident who drives to work on The Strip)
-- how conflation of these could heighten the realities of each (of the in-between, of the enclave)
-- considering a SEZ for Las Vegas (Shenzen as precedent).  a formal figure?  a system?  ex: ecotourism
-- my project as one proposed solution of connectivity
-- bring in climate as part of visceral body experience.  visitors confronting nature.  a non-internalized experience, unlike other programs.  ex: flooding.  continuities and discontinuities as result of natural water flows in the city.


Dk said...

I like the picture with the people..we need more pictures of architecture with people in them.

i like the urban borders idea. very clear set-up of the program. especially cool to show how public space can invade borders to (sort of) be in the casino, etc...

AH said...

there definitely need to be more pictures with people in them, not just one blurry person walking up stairs. they're almost always better anyway.

urban border invasion baby! I'm definitely working toward that folding in of public sequence within "controlled" zones in more specific diagrams and initial site/program strategy this week. we'll see how it goes.