“We live inside a set of relations…”    

--Michel Foucault.  "Of Other Spaces."

"...there are no demonstrations in Disneyland."    

--Michael Sorkin.  "Introduction: Variations on a Theme Park."

“Returning from a trip, I hear the question, ‘Do you have photographs?’ far more often than ‘Do you have stories or observations?’”    

--Mitchell Scwarzer. "Architecture and Mass Tourism" in Architourism.

“These undigested, unedited narratives fuel a queasy sense of ourselves as liminal creatures with no boundaries, while conversely promoting privatized anxieties about increased isolation and personal insignificance in the urban spaces we inhabit."    

--Alan Marcus and Dietrich Neumann.  Visualizing the City.

“There is the possibility to redefine the meaning of the city as a site of confrontation and thus of coexistence.”    

--Pier Vittorio Aureli.  "Toward the Archipelago: Defining the Political and the Formal in Architecture" in Log 11.

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