-- midreview 12 nov

Taking a new urban attitude that responds to the needs of multiple realities.  Critique of the reductive; problem with the singular.  There is no "right one" among the multiple identities in the city.  Instead proposing simultaneity--setting up systems of growth for plural identities.

Choose a projective mode--the attitude, and hierarchy of arguments, will be the point of clarity.

Looking at how the city has been thought, socially and technically.

The mediated image is boundless, but the thing mediated must be bounded.  Purchasing only intensifies the community exchange.  Can the image be another reappropriation...reappropriate what was already appropriated (existing "urbanism").

Transcalar--growing from a tabula rasa?  How important is "bracketing?"

New ways of understanding the center through polycentric growth.  New ways of understanding identity through classification systems--necessary to create identity, yet not closed.

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